Election Season Resources

Election season is a natural time for teaching kids about our government, how the election process works, how the founding fathers designed the system, what our responsibilities are as citizens of our country. Here are some online resources to help enhance your teaching about this special time of the year.

Ben's Guide To U. S. Government for Kids

By The People from PBS

Congress for Kids

Constitution Translated for Kids, by Cathy Travis (Look for an interview with Ms. Travis in the March/April Issue of Home Education Magazine)

Education World: Use Children's Literature to Teach About Elections: Ten Books Get Our Vote!

Election Vocabulary

Election World

Elections and Electoral Systems Around the World

GPO Access- Core Documents of U.S. Democracy

The Homeschool Ministry Connection

Kids Voting USA

Michigan Kids: Inside A Voting Machine

United States House Elections, 2006 (from Wikipedia)

US National Archives and Records Administration: Electoral College Page (Click on "Teaching Resources" link for even more information)

Editor's Note: Listing does not imply an endorsement by At Home in Seattle. At Home in Seattle does not endorse any particular candidates or political party.